Achieve your wellness dreams with the whole family in mind.

“Get holistically ROOTED in your health, fuel your body and support optimal levels of vitality.”


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Life after cancer

I got my special ‘mommy powers’ back and I fully believe that you can too!
— Shannon

“Your child has cancer….”

When my daughter was diagnosed with cancer, I felt powerless as the doctors told me there was nothing I could do and that every calorie was a GOOD calorie. Paisley was about to have the battle of her life and I felt debilitated and helpless until I focused on nutrition and overall wellness. I am passionate about empowering moms with education about the simple changes you can make to improve cellular function, create a healthy home environment and help your family thrive!

HoliRooted Nutrition


Achieve your wellness dreams with the whole family in mind.


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Peace of Mind for Home & Personal Products

Overhaul your medicine cabinet, supplements and skin care products with safe and effective solutions.

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Better beauty, because you deserve more!

60% of everything placed on your skin is absorbed directly into your lymphatic and circulatory system. The ingredients in your skincare products really do matter.


Over 80,000 chemicals are being used in personal products that have not been tested for safety. Beautycounter is testing them for you!


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