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Healthy Holiday Gift Guide by HoliRooted Wellness

Photo Credit: MaxLove

Tis the season of work parties, endless feasting, last minute shopping and gift giving. Is it REALLY possible to stay healthy minded during this season even while giving??? Maybe you are wanting to turn that leaf and finally make some changes, to be mindful of your health and your families health. Maybe you are that health nut that doesn’t know how to tell your significant other what you really want for Christmas. Well, this is it! The list you have been waiting for that will get you started in the right direction!!!! So many different options for all different types of people! Gifts perfect for the home chef or the business woman, for children or the athletic Spartan trainer…. here it is!

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Got Healthy Ta-Ta's? How to support healthy breast tissue.


These beautiful life giving forces are subject to a lot of toxic exposure and are at risk of cancer when there is estrogen dominance.  It is breast cancer awareness month, but I have been overwhelmingly concerned with the health of my breasts since I realized that constant sore breasts should not be the norm!!  

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